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Bienvenue! We are Les Castors!

       -a bilingual education center-

 " One language sets you in a corridor for life, two languages open every door along the way. " -- F. Smith

We are Les Castors in Charleston (Les Castors meaning "The Beavers" in French).
We are dedicated to helping children utilize the keys to every door in life through French immersion and a mixed-age classroom setting. Our environment encourages each child’s cognitive development to flourish, and their imagination to shine.


"Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is such of a nature as to demand thinking, learning naturally results"

- John Dewey, North American Scholar, 20th C. Reformer of Education and Society 


"Specify diverse acquisitions of language, grammar, vocabulary, science, history, geography, morality in all respect to the child's interests and cognitive development. Knowing that, the child whom has passion for an activity can discipline oneself on his own."

- Celestin Freinet, French Pedagogue, Mouvement de l'Ecole Moderne

A Note from
Our Team:

Les Castors has just completed our first year. Merci to everyone especially the amazing enfants!

As this school year turns to spring and summer, we still remain extremely dedicated and passionate about our project as well as our plans for each little + big individual that will come to our school and garden!

We will be offering our preschool program along with a few extra options as our school reaches more & more in the community!

Please reach out to Madame Dominique, our Directrice, with any questions, to schedule a visit or discuss any program. She can be reached at


We also want parents to know that Les Castors' passion is teaching children to embrace their imagination and fully experience this world.

Our location was chosen with these values especially in mind: Thankfully, our center is located on 3 parcels of land -- complete with Oak Trees and Camellias -- making for a lot of fresh air, outdoor play, and outdoor learning opportunities.

À bientôt!
UPDATES & more.........


*LAST WEEK! To Register*

Spring Break Centre/Camp

Dates: April 1-5

Hours 9h-13h or 9h-16h




June 10-July 19 *half & full day options*

******Registration OPEN NOW******

Other Fun Events





Petits 18m-3ans (45m class)

two options @10h OR 14h

COST $45/mois (*$30 in January)

Grands 3-9ans (2hrs class)

two options 11h OR15h

COST $90/mois (*$60 in January)


March 2, 16 & 30

April 13, 20, 27

May 4, 18 & 25

June 1 *last class

ONE trial class is available

$15 (petits) and $25 (grands).


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