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A Typical Day / Emploi du Temps


8h30 - 9h  |  Arrivée / Arrivals, Jeux Libre / Free Time


9h15  |  Bienvenue + Story/Histoire, Related to the Theme/Subject for the month, e.g., "Forest Animals"


9h45  |  Activité Guidée / Guided Activity: Hands-On, Kinetic as related to the month's subject, e.g. What do particular forest animals sound like, how do they move around (crawl/fly/etc), learning words and descriptions in French


10h15  |  Gouter / Snack


11h  |  Activité Guidée: structured yet informal with songs, as related to the month's subject, e.g. letters/alphabet, pronunciation, reading


12h-13h  |  Déjeuner / Lunch


12h30  |  Au revoir for students in the morning program


12h30-13h  |  Déjeuner/Lunch & Jeux Libre / Free Time


13h15 - 14h  |  Temps de relaxer/ Downtime


14h30 - 15h  |  Jeux en groupe!Group Activity


15h  |  Au Revoir et à demain!​

*all activities & meals will have outside time, weather permitted*

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