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Our Team

We are a team of monolingual + multilingual parents, educators, and community members looking to make a difference with our future generation. Together we want to encourage children to grow within a multicultural world by allowing their imagination to flourish in a full immersion education program. Learning and integrating another language -- ideally before the age of 7yrs old -- is proven to build neurological pathways that promote problem solving, analytical skills, cultural curiosity, and economic growth and possibilities. The benefits of learning + living another language(s) are endless, but that is exactly what we want to share: endless opportunities for children, adults and the community.

Le Castor or The Beaver

The beavers are amazing animals, known to diversify their habitat by building their home into a rich ecosystem and subsequently carving out a new and thriving community within it. We want to create the same for your children, a wonderful environment that will positively impact their future.



Mme Dominique Santos    Dominique is a mother of two multilingual children. In her home, her family speaks French, Portuguese, and Spanish. Dominique has a degree in pediatric neuropsychology, and spent the last six and a half years educating her children through homeschooling, including the CNED program. Her passion has always been the cognitive development of children: providing the tools that they need to grow, encouraging education via both nature and nurture, internal and external life experiences, and truly believes and knows that a nurturing multilingual education can only help produce amazing individuals that will create a more beautiful world.

Personne B

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