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French Language Resources

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  • Keep up-to-date with the word of the week at Les Castors, and try to implement this word in conversations with your child outside of the classroom.

  • Epic - "A digital library for kids 12 & under" - Great service with access to French language books. Free 30-day trial.

  • Youtube / Spotify - For those few moments when you need to put them in front of a screen, why not pull up a children's program or their favorite soundtrack/songs performed in the french language?

    For Adults:

  • Coffee Break French - A *free* and delightful podcast with 15-20 minute lessons, run by a Scottish linguist -- the perfect amount of time to sneak in a lesson during the commute, or over a meal/snack.

  • Assimil - For self-study; a great approach to learning a language intuitively, via wittily-written conversations. Book + CD

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