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Le Futur

River in Autumn

We want to use Les Castors as the dam that enriches all of Charleston. Our future goal is, by working with all of the community, to introduce a public dual language program in Charleston schools. We want our petits castors to pave that beginning, for themselves, and for those who follow. Please see below the plans our group has in route for our/your/their future!


Overview of Years One, Two, and Three: 2020 - 2023
(scroll down further below for more info)

Three amazing years with growing minds, adventures, & fun ideas! On s'amuse bien! The enfants are still working/playing in their french language development, while our preschool program has grown stronger and bigger! 

We have added an after-school program, and lots of fun Samedis / Saturdays!


2023 - 2024

Our first Elementary / Primaire class will open, mixed age groups will continue, open to 1st & 2nd Graders. Full immersion, no prior french knowledge needed. Check out our camps for pre-school fun!

The children will work through cooperative learning, as they strengthen their reading, writing, mathematics, science, & history.. and don't forget art in all its amazing forms!

We will add another professor and more adventures. We are so excited to keep moving our adventure forward! Keep looking for updates and more information!



January-April 2020

In these few months our group will be busy, with all legal aspects of the center, securing & preparing our location (TBA late January), and working with our maitresses/maitres (teachers) on all trainings to strengthen our skills.
We will continue to work with Dual Language Organizations on our goal for public school entrance!

May-August 2020

Registration for all programs!!
We will set up a "registry" of sorts for basic school materials, permitting the community to have a hand in our growth! Tours of the location are welcome!

September 2020- May 2021

On va s'amuser! Let the fun begin!!

Now it will be time to play, imagine, learn & grow bilingual!!

November, solicitation of interest to the Board of Education!


July 2021- May 2022

  • Continue with school programs, review needs & demands from community, parents, and children!

  • Possibility of adding a program for older children to help them integrate more into a future dual language system.

  • Teacher training to reach out to public school educators and discuss Dual Language Endorsements, Scholarships etc...for interested educators.


Les Castors will be growing strong, and the community as well! And our 1st generation will enter Kindergarten, in a public dual language program. BRAVO!!!!!


Is our HQ a little bit out of the way for you? Keep an eye out for our satellite sites and programming coming to an elementary/middle school near you and your children..!

Personne B

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